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Why Water Damage Restoration Companies are open 24 Hours

3/31/2020 (Permalink)

log cabin surrounded by water When your home is flooded, we can deploy our rapid water extraction team.

Pooled and flooded water, regardless of its origin, should always be removed quickly from a home. If left for longer than necessary, floodwaters and high volumes of water can begin causing massive problems for a home as well as its occupants.

The Importance of Water Removal Timeliness

A flood in your home can happen at any time including the middle of the night.  That’s why our local team of restoration specialists are ready to extract and remove your water mess. We prioritize speedy response times to any flooding catastrophe, as we understand the risks associated with a slow response to water cleanup calls. 

Our Jacksonville and Arlington water damage repair team is ready to clean up your mess in order to avoid further property damage. 

What are the common types of damage caused by water?

Structural Issues 

Arriving quickly on the scene, even in the middle of the night is  essential for making sure your home doesn't take extra and unnecessary structural damage. Water seeks out and slips through cracks, openings, and weak spots in the foundation and supports of your home, and particularly in older buildings. This can mean disaster in the form of structural weakening or collapse. Although significant damage may be sustained during the initial flood, getting water removed quickly is important to avoid further damage and flow. 

Bacteria, Mold, and Algae Growth 

High volumes of water almost invariably lead to rapid growth of microbes, algae, and mold in and around its surface. Algae and potentially dangerous microbes will typically form mostly in the water itself, reproducing at exponential rates. After a day or two of undisturbed reproduction, the waters will be very dangerous and transfer their microbes to other surfaces. Mold, on the other hand, will begin to rapidly form colonies in and around areas dampened by the waters, often developing into time-consuming and costly problems carrying their own set of treatments and protocols. 

Dissolving Chemicals and Materials 

Many materials dissolve in water, albeit at varying rates. Floodwaters may begin the process for some of these potentially hazardous materials, and getting them removed quickly is essential in stopping the damage from continuing. This may include drywall, household chemicals, paint, or many other materials commonly found in homes. 

Why Utilize a Skilled Water Damage Repair Business Close to the Jacksonville - Arlington area?

Knowledge of Water Emergency Procedures

We follow strict water emergency procedures when dealing with contaminated water. Performing quality actions to prevent additional water damage or possible infections. Look to our professionally trained technicians in Arlington to provide water removal services that aid in the prevention of potential hazards. With the proper application of our emergency service procedures, we can prevent contaminants from spreading and prevent health concerns from interfering with the water damage restoration process.

We care about your property and safety

Our technicians at SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East work tirelessly to eliminate safety hazards on our job sites by posting the right signs and using the appropriate personal protection equipment, including boots, full-body suits, rubber gloves, respirators, and eye protection. While also working with your insurance company and within any local regulations to assist us in containing any contaminants that have the chance of spreading into other unaffected areas.

We work on getting the bad stuff that lurks in flooded homes

Some silt and debris can be considered hazardous waste, especially if they contain lead or asbestos, so it is important to handle the removal of these contaminants properly. Any contents or structure that can't be decontaminated or restored must be removed or replaced. Local, state and federal regulations have a big hand in deciding what is or is not allowed, but the type of material used during construction also plays a significant role. Highly porous items generally can't be disinfected and are replaced after being disposed of properly. Typically, any carpet and padding that is damaged by black water are removed and discarded because it is considered infectious waste and requires special procedures in some locations to remove properly. All dangerous materials need to be removed to decontaminate the job site and return it to working order before restoration is complete.

 It is possible to disinfect some surfaces with an EPA approved disinfectant applied with a pressure washer, including the surfaces of interior walls and other hard to reach areas that were contaminated by rising water or sewage. It's not uncommon for our technicians to transport sewage waste to an approved waste disposal site to properly dispose of this debris and wastewater properly.

 We are right around the corner in the Jacksonville - Arlington area.  

Not only are we reputable water damage repair professionals, we are also your neighbor. 

It is frustrating  to think that you could one day be the owner of a home invaded by mold or suddenly overcome with water. As much as you work to avoid it, several factors can unexpectedly leave you in need of expert advice. An undetected leak that deposits water in your attic or a broken appliance can all contribute to the accumulation of water in your home and all the aftermath it entails. Time is of the essence, and quick action can mitigate the extent of your loss.

Why use a local business like SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East?

  • Available 24/7 to receive your call and spring into action. 
  • Trained and certified in the latest industry trends
  • We work with insurance adjusters and handle the paperwork. 
  • We treat your home as if it was one of our. 
  • Located in the Jacksonville, Florida area. 
  • Locally owned and operated. 
  • Experience with residential and commercial water damage

So what happens when a water damage restoration company gets to your home? 

When our local Jacksonville water restoration employees arrive on the scene, we go over any safety concerns, such as water-saturated structures that might get weak due to moisture. Once it is safe, we determine which contents can be salvaged and move them into a dry area or prop them above water. Like you, we want to save as much of the items in your home as possible. Some materials, like carpeting and upholstery, may not be salvageable based on how long they were wet, but our team decides based on the readings shown by our monitoring tools.

 As soon as we exit our utility trucks, we use pumps and extractors to remove and clean up the mess.  Once we move on to the drying phase, we set up dehumidifiers and air movers to help fan the air and speed up the evaporation process.. For any remaining odor, we utilize air scrubbers and air purifying techniques to neutralize the offending smells and make them a thing of the past.

Even when your water removal needs seem small, SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East is at the ready to help you tackle the issue. By calling us at (904) 721-2230, we can provide our services and anticipate any further impact the presence of water can have on your home.

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