Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Fire Damage – Arlington Garage

Fire damage struck this Arlington garage when a pile of oily rags was ignited. The fire was extinguished quickly by the homeowner preventing any structural damage to the building, but he was left with a lot of soot and smoke damage as well as the awful smell present after a fire. SERVPRO of Arlington can clean up the soot and smoke damage and apply a special primer to the walls to help with the odor. They also would use an ozone machine to help remove the after fire odor.

Arlington Fire Cleanup

The soot in this area of a fire damaged home in Arlington can be successfully cleaned and wiped up with the right tools (sponges) and detergents. Stains are often the result if homeowners, rather than calling in SERVPRO, attempt the cleaning on their own.

Smoke Stains in a Jacksonville House

Quite often, as depicted in this photo, material fire damage is small, but the effects from the combustion stain hard surfaces in a Jacksonville home. This black soot and smoke residue can be carefully wiped away with special chemical sponges and a little touchup paint. SERVPRO minimize costs by working smart to help our customers.

Jacksonville Torched Kitchen Damage

This kitchen fire ruined a lot more than meets the eye in this photo. Our SERVPRO crew had to demolition all the charred and water damaged building elements as part of the initial demolition. Then we could proceed with a cleanup, smoke odor abate, and restoration of power to continue with this job.

Arlington Smoke Damage

The wood burning stove leaked smoke from the flue into the house affecting several rooms. SERVPRO technicians can wipe down the walls with special sponges and detergents and restore this smoke damaged home in Arlington.

Fire Damage – Arlington Commercial Property

Fire damage to this Arlington commercial facility left behind considerable soot and smoke damage as well as the usual water damage from the firefighting effort. The fire damage clean up involved removing debris and water extraction before cleaning the affected surfaces and tending to the air quality. The photo shows one of several industrial air scrubbers employed to rid the area of the telltale odor left by the fire.