Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold infestation behind drywall.

Commercial Mold Experts Near You

A mold infestation on your commercial property can impact many people. If your property has recently suffered from a water damage event or you suspect that you might have a hidden mold problem, don't hesitate and give our SERVPRO of Arlington/Jacksonville East team a call!

Mold Damage – Arlington Home

Mold damage at this Arlington home was caused when water damage happened to the base of the wall. Mold can develop in as little as 2 days, and it can multiply rapidly, so immediate action is recommended. SERVPRO of Arlington provides emergency service 24/7 so you can count on us to respond quickly to your disaster. We would dispatch a highly trained crew of industry certified technicians to clean up your mold.

Mold Remediation In Arlington

Discovering mold growing in your home might seem like a nightmare, but thanks to SERVPRO it doesn't have to be stressful. After receiving your call, our technicians will arrive quickly at your property and immediately begin the remediation process. With our state-of-the-art equipment and specialized techniques, we will restore your property to pre-damage condition. We are dedicated to providing our clients with top-notch service and making it “Like it never even happened.”

Mold Damage – Arlington House

Mold damage at this Arlington house3 was due to a leak from the bathroom on the opposite side of the wall pictured. The bathroom leak was located and repaired, and the damaged drywall was torn out and disposed of properly. The entire area was treated with an antimicrobial substance, and the drywall was replaced.

Mold Damage – Arlington Home

Mold damage to this Arlington home permeated the pictured drywall. We were required to remove the lower part of the drywall to remove the mold damage and treat the affected area.

Walls Damaged By Mold

After removing the utility sink from the garage in this Arlington home, we were able to scrape off the mold growth but decided the panels had to be replaced before of their weaken state. We sprayed an antifungal chemical inside the openings to kill any remaining mold spores.

Mold In a Ceiling from a Leak

Mold proliferated from the available moisture produced from a sweating water pipe in the attic. It ruined some of the ceiling lathe that had to be replaced. Note the containment of the mold spores by means of the poly seal.