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Our Experts Discuss The Tools To Eliminate Water Damage In Arlington

11/24/2019 (Permalink)

water damage wood flooring Effective disaster mitigation is a phone call away at (904) 721-2230.

SERVPRO Has the Tools to Eliminate Water Damage in Arlington

No matter how prepared you may be for water damage; it can occur in any home at any time. Moisture collection behind your shower surround's surface, either from loose seals or mishaps in installation, can cause plenty of water damage behind walls that allow mold and other damages to accumulated in your walls. If left unchecked, it can cost homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs.

If you need mitigation for water damage in your Arlington home's bathroom, you do not have to handle it alone. SERVPRO can provide you with a rapid cleanup that restores your possessions and structures to their preloss condition. This crew knows the ins and outs of cleaning and drying water-damaged structures. Choosing SERVPRO for your cleanup needs means that your fixtures are cleaned, repaired, and restored to a safe and functional condition.

SERVPRO's Cutting-Edge Tools & Techniques
Your local SERVPRO utilizes a wide range of industrial-grade tools, monitoring equipment, and scientific theory to determine the best course of action when restoring a structure. Technicians must stay aware of the proper moisture levels for a broad array of materials. Consistent testing for drying goals, as well as correct calculations for equipment usage, are crucial to the success of any disaster cleanup. Monitoring equipment includes penetrating and non-penetrating moisture sensors as well as infrared imaging and thermohygrometers. No matter where damage is, SERVPRO can find and remove it.

How SERVPRO Can Help
SERVPRO professionals have a variety of tools available to address the concerns that come from water damage. One vital aspect of this process is the placement of centrifugal air movers and industrial-grade dehumidifiers. Technicians must use mathematical formulas to calculate the best usage of dehumidification equipment based on the extent of damage and the square footage of the affected space. Air movers, on the other hand, are placed at 45-degree angles to walls and generally point in the same direction for every 10 to 16 linear feet along the walls.

SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East is committed to bringing you service that is Faster to Any Size Disaster. Effective disaster mitigation is a phone call away at (904) 721-2230.

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How Professionals Remove Water From Jacksonville Homes

11/13/2019 (Permalink)

significant water and mold damage on ceiling Yikes!!! While this home sat vacant for a month, a pipe burst and mold took over. SERVPRO to the rescue! We were able to completely restore the home.

How to Remove Water in Jacksonville 

If you've ever had a plumbing mishap of any size scale, you know water removal from your home is not as simple as mopping it up or throwing a towel over it. With excess water in your home, it is often necessary to obtain professional help. 

Water Removal in Jacksonville can be daunting if you are not sure where to turn for assistance. If a kitchen pipe burst while you were away, chances are you may have one or two inches of water in your kitchen when you arrive back home. The trained technicians at SERVPRO are ready to assist you quickly 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. 

Before removing water, technicians stop the source to ensure additional water does not come into the impacted area. SERVPRO technicians then begin the extraction process. For water deeper than two inches, a submersible pump is used to pull water out of the home in conjunction with extractors. 

Significant amounts of water require a truck-mounted extractor. The storage tank holds between sixty and one hundred gallons of water. After the professionals remove the majority of excess water from your home, portable extractors remove the rest. Portable extractors have a five to twelve-gallon solution tank and a five to twelve-gallon waste tank. Our highly qualified SERVPRO technicians make several passes over the impacted area to remove the ultimate amount of moisture. 

After extracting water, drying the area is the next essential step. High-velocity airflow coming from air movers ensures faster evaporation by removing the damp, moist air from the room, and replacing it with drier  air. If cabinets are wet from the spill, wall cavity ventilating systems direct the air to open spaces to help mitigate damage. Dehumidifiers work together with air movers to ensure restoration to preloss moisture levels in your home. 

SERVPRO of Arlington/Jacksonville East is here to help you with water removal. We are available at all times and ready to assist you. Call us at (904) 721-2230, and our trained technicians make the water spill "Like it never even happened." 

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Why Professional Restoration Services are Necessary for Arlington Storm Damaged Homes

11/5/2019 (Permalink)

top of roof with tarping on section Storms frequently damage roofs. SERVPRO provides emergency storm services, including roof tarping.

How Arlington Homeowners can Take Back Control with Professional Storm Flood Removal Services

Tempestuous storms, high winds, and heavy rainfall can all increase the likelihood of flash-flooding in your area. Unfortunately, these events can cause extensive property damages with rushing water creating enough force to uproot trees, flip automobiles, and breaking through doors. In the restoration industry, floodwaters are considered a contaminated water supply and could bring debris into your home as well as pathogens, viruses, or bacteria. We operate rapid-response teams and large loss units throughout the storm season to help prevent homeowners from sustaining permanent losses.

The goal of our Storm Flood Removal team here in Arlington is to allow you to get back to your everyday life as expeditiously as possible. It is not uncommon for homeowners to experience displacement from their homes by flooding. The need for temporary accommodation is due to the combination of severe damages and contamination that can make your home unsafe to live. Your storm insurance adjuster may deem it necessary to place you in temporary housing during the completion of restoration work. If it is unsafe for you to return to your home, you need a restoration provider you can trust.

SERVPRO has been working in Arlington for many years and has even contributed members of our technical team to large loss sites across states. We can enter your home after flooding and perform several vital tasks to prevent further loss from occurring. These may even include sealing the structure from rainwater using tarps or boarding up doorways and windows to prevent unlawful entry. Inside a property, we can perform several restoration techniques to prevent your contents or structure from sustaining irreversible harm.

Flooded properties can deteriorate rapidly without immediate attention. Standing water exerts a huge pound for pound pressure on floors, walls, and structures. It can also become increasingly contaminated, cause mold growth, or migrate to previously unaffected areas. Using truck-mounted water extraction units alongside submersible gas pumps, SERVPRO can remove the body of standing water quickly to ensure it does not cause further harm.

Once the standing water removal is complete, we can prepare the site for restoration. Restoration may include replacing broken doors or windows, repainting or refinishing as well as salvaging furniture and other contents. We can perform full-site deodorization once the property is clean and dry to remove any unpleasant, lingering odors.

Take back control of your home after flooding by contacting SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East at (904) 721-2230. 

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Our Experts Discuss Our Restoration Strategies In Arlington

10/31/2019 (Permalink)

water damaged flooring in kitchen We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Restoration Strategies In Arlington

When water leaks occur in your home, it is always advisable to implement immediate mitigation of the damage as quickly as possible. Some folks try to perform the cleanup themselves, only to have to call in the experts after mold and mildew appear. Long term moisture situations can also cause structural damage to your home, which can cost thousands of dollars in repairs.

SERVPRO has been responding to water damage events in the Arlington area for many years. We have the equipment and team members to respond to any size disaster and can call in experts from other SERVPRO franchises if needed. Our experience has taught us that the total damage can be managed more effectively if the response is immediate. Our professionals are available on a 24/7 basis.

Tips in Dealing with Water Damage
Always make sure it is safe to enter the area where there is water damage. Ensure that there are no electrical or other dangers to avoid. Stop the source of the water as quickly as possible. Call SERVPRO to help remove the water and moisture in your home. Use mops, towels, and even blankets to remove as much standing water as possible. Remove any area rugs, books, magazines, and items that could leach dyes onto carpeting. Place all furniture on blocks to avoid leaving marks in carpeting.

While consumers can remove much of the water from a leak in their homes, moisture can remain in carpeting, underpads, wall cavities, and many other difficult to reach locations. Our technicians are trained to locate these hard to reach spots and deploy the necessary equipment to remove the moisture.

We remove all moisture. SERVPRO can set up air movers and dehumidifiers, create negative air spaces, force air into cavities, and check for humidity using infrared cameras. We also deploy water extractors and sump pumps for more significant water situations. Whatever water damage event you are dealing with, we have the team and equipment to respond. Our technicians can return your property to its original condition, “Like it never even happened.”

Call SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East at (904) 721-2230 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Fort Caroline, St Nicholas, Spring Glen, and the surrounding areas. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Your Arlington Home Can Be Saved By Our Fire Damage Experts

10/15/2019 (Permalink)

furniture in room damaged after a fire “Like it never even happened.”

Eliminate Fire Damage In Your Arlington Area Home

You may never find a single, best way to address damage caused by a fire in your Arlington area home. Not while time, material, and exposure all play a significant role in whether an item remains salvageable. The cost of restoration is also a concern for many of us, which makes having a skilled professional help determine if it is more cost-effective to clean, repair, or replace items an invaluable service.

To eliminate problems correctly, you need to understand how smoke and fire damage in your Arlington home can affect various items, materials, and surfaces. Since it is rare for many of us to have time to learn everything there is to know about this topic, having access to the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Technicians (IICRC), makes all the difference.

The technicians you use to restore your property need to understand how smoke and soot can affect various materials. These particles often make their way into the cracks and crevices of different surfaces, leaving behind lingering odors, stains, and discoloration that go undetected by the untrained. SERVPRO can address many of these issues and tailor our services to fit your unique situation.

SERVPRO technicians have access to the latest ventilation and air moving equipment to help prevent smoke particles from settling onto other surfaces found in your home. We can also remove damaged items and debris that makes cleaning and deodorization of the affected area, easier. Our cleaning and restoration services help eliminate odors and restore personal items as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Whether you need to address damage to upholstery, curtains, bedding, clothing, furniture, flooring, or the structure of your home, SERVPRO can help. We understand how difficult restoring wood furniture, hardwood floors, or removing odors from personal items trapped within a drawer or closet can be. We use every restoration and cleaning method available to help you avoid losses and return your home to normal, faster.

Contact SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, to gain access to qualified cleaning and restoration professionals. We are proud to serve St Nicholas, Spring Glen, Glynlea, and surrounding areas (904) 721-2230.

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Mitigating Water Damage In Arlington Requires Identifying The Source Of The Leak

10/7/2019 (Permalink)

Two SERVPRO trucks in a garage with two men looking at equipment. We know how to identify any and all water damages in your Arlington loss.

Let SERVPRO mitigate your Arlington water loss.

Sometimes homeowners in Arlington wake up in the morning to find building materials or contents inside their house wet. In more severe water damage incidents, you might even see puddles located on parts of your floor. Once moisture finds its way inside your structure, it can help you immensely to call in a professional restoration company such as SERVPRO. We can utilize specialized equipment and the proper techniques to remove moisture from your building promptly.

However, before starting any water damage job in Arlington, our SERVPRO technicians first attempt to figure out where the moisture originated. We know that before we begin removing moisture, it is vital to locate the water leak. Depending on the situation, finding the moisture's source can be more difficult than it sounds. Whenever we start our inspection of your property, we implement moisture sensors and meters to help us track where the H2O went and where it began to enter the interior of your house.

But, in many situations, sensors are not needed to locate the source of a leak. Before our SERVPRO team arrives, it is possible for you to find the source of the problems with a little bit of know-how and time spent inspecting your affected contents and building materials. First, start by following the moisture by touch. For example, if your carpet is wet use your hand to feel where it is damp where wetness ends. Many times you can find the source of the leak by following your wet carpet to the closest water pipe or appliance.

Once you identify what may have caused the moisture to leak and enter, inspect the pipes or appliance more closely to figure out exactly what happened. For instance, if you think the moisture originated from your washing machine, pull it out and look at the hoses connected to it. Make sure there is no crack in the tubes running to your washing machines and ensure that there are no loose connections. If the leak came from a pipe inside your walls, you can often figure out where it is by finding where moisture is coming out of the wall.

Once you find the source of your moisture-related problems, take steps to repair the initial issue. If you can, seal off the leak temporarily if possible so that you can start removing moisture without having more water leaking into your structure.

If you ever notice wet materials in your home in Fort Caroline, Spring Glen, Merrill, or Glenlea, call SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East at (904) 721-2230. We are available at any time, and we are proud to say that We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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We Are Experts At Detecting Water Damage Issues In Your Arlington Property

10/1/2019 (Permalink)

Mold on a white wall SERVPRO technicians use these tools along with their training and experience to ensure there are no future mold issues.

Commercial Water Damage Arlington –Detecting Moisture Areas

Everyone is in a hurry to recover from a water damage event. Commercial owners and managers want to restart their business operations as soon as possible. Business owners are losing money when the area affected is not available for use. However, by moving too quickly and missing areas were moisture remains can cause mold conditions and future problems for commercial buildings, stores, government offices, and more.

SERVPRO has seen many commercial water damage events in our Arlington coverage area. We understand how important it is to do the job right the first time. Any remaining moisture, usually leads to mold growth, structure damage, and lost revenue for the business.

How We Find Hidden Moisture Areas
At SERVPRO, we use several tools to help us determine if water or moisture remains in floors and walls. Moisture sensors have a sharp probe that can be inserted into carpets and underpad to assess the presence of moisture. The sensor emits an audible beep and a blinking light indicating the presence of moisture. It does not indicate how much moisture is present. Moisture meters can indicate how much water or moisture is in the area under review.

We also use thermal cameras to assess how far moisture may have traveled. These cameras use infrared imaging to measure the presence of moisture. As water evaporates, it cools the surface of the material. As a result, this surface can show up as being cooler than a dry area which is at room temperature. Although the infrared camera image does not display internal moisture levels within materials, it does provide an excellent indication of the presence of moisture.

Checking for Moisture
Once a room or building is considered dry and ready for re-occupation by the commercial owner, a final step remains. Thermal imaging cameras and moisture sensors provide a tremendous final check to confirm there are no hidden spots where water or moisture remains. SERVPRO technicians use these tools along with their training and experience to ensure there are no future mold issues or additional water removal action is required.

Call SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East at (904) 721-2230 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Fort Caroline, St Nicholas, Spring Glen, and surrounding areas. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Sufficient Resources Can Ease Commercial Hurricane Water Removal in Affected Arlington Malls

9/26/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO employees sitting around a garage on vehicles looking at equipment. Don’t get caught in the storm, we will help our Arlington community through the water damage. We are prepared and waiting for your call.

SERVPRO knows exactly what to do for your hurricane water damage in Arlington.

The period before and after a hurricane is tense at best for people running commercial centers such as malls. Even though the incoming storm is tracked, you can never tell the actual level of damage likely to occur if it affects your Arlington business center. After the incident is over it is easy to establish damage levels. However, uncertainty can still linger, especially concerning the removal of floodwaters from the structure.

You can expect various challenges when planning to deal with commercial hurricane water removal in your Arlington mall. The expansive spaces mean significant amounts of water remain trapped within the structure. Removing such water requires sufficient resources because leaving it in place to drain out through gravity or other natural forces can lead to severe outcomes. Our SERVPRO technicians use high-pressure pumps. Such pumps have high amounts of lift, making them indispensable for removing water from depressed areas such as parking garages.

Unlike water from other sources, hurricane water is likely to contain different types of debris. Common types of debris include mud, silt, and solid chunks from damaged materials. An ordinary pump may have sufficient lift capacity but prove useless in such conditions. Our SERVPRO technicians can save the day using self-priming trash pumps, which can remove water mixed with debris. We have access to different varieties of the self-priming equipment, including semi-trash, trash, and full trash pumps. With such equipment, we can pump out water with solids ranging from 5/8" to 3" effectively.

Even with access extraction equipment, some challenges can still hinder the removal of water from your commercial center. During hurricanes, power problems are common due to downed power lines. Relying on electric-powered extractors can delay the removal. Suction lift limitations can also reduce efficiency when operating the extraction equipment. Our SERVPRO technicians overcome such problems through preparation. We have some gas or diesel-powered pumps that allow us to operate even when there is no power. We also have electric submersible pumps that overcome suction lift limitations.

If water removal after hurricane devastation seems overwhelming, call SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East at (904) 721-2230. With our superior equipment and training, it can be "Like it never even happened."

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We Will Restore Your Home In Arlington After A Fire

9/4/2019 (Permalink)

Kitchen covered in soot on the table, cabinets and floor We're here every day of the year, day and night.

Cleaning Contents After Fire Damages Your Property In Arlington

The dirty feeling of soot covers almost everything after a fire. SERVPRO can restore both your belongings and your Arlington home's interior and make things like they were before the fire. We do this through different cleaning methods – wet and dry, and variations of these two types.

When your residence in Arlington experiences fire damage, restoring the contents can help your family get back to normal faster. We help you by decreasing the number of items that you must replace.

Wet Cleaning
Cleaning hard surfaces that water does not harm often fare quite well with this method. Different cleaning agents mixed with water can strip soiling away and leave a fresh scent behind. One way that does not use any cleaning agent is our ultrasonic cleaning machine, although it does eliminate odors simply by removing all of the soot.

Spray and wipe techniques requires only a short dwell time before we wipe away the sprayed on cleaning agent (often diluted with water and only rarely full strength) and is a dependable way to clean metal pieces and high-gloss enameled items. Items being cleaned this way get wiped won with either a cloth or a special sponge.

Foam and agitation use less water than most wet methods. We create intense suds inside a basin and then use only the foam on top. Delicate fabrics, upholstery, bedding furniture, and draperies quickly dry without any watermarks, scuff marks, or other unsightly effects other cleaning methods might cause.

Abrasive cleaning uses stiff brushes, steel wool, or a cleaning compound that contains abrasive particles. This method works well on smooth surfaces like concrete or stone. Thoroughly rinsing removes any residue from either the soot or the cleanser itself.

Immersion cleaning methods include the ultrasonic technique, but there are others that SERVPRO uses. Cleaning the structure this way is not possible, and we only use immersion for cleaning the contents. Hot water and a cleanser mixed in a basin where our restoration professionals can use different sized brushes and cloths to pull soot off contents followed by a rinse and then a drying session works well for a variety of items.

Dry Cleaning
We use this type of cleaning method for items that would become damaged by contact with water. Books, many antiques, and electronic items cannot sustain wet cleaning methods. We might use light to heavy brushes, sponges, towels, or other means to remove soot from your belongings. Deodorization helps complete the restoration process.

Working with residents in Fort Caroline, St Nicholas, and Spring Glen after a fire damages their property, SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East can be reached at (904) 721-2230. We're here every day of the year, day and night.

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How Professionals Remediate Flood Damage in Arlington

8/21/2019 (Permalink)

Heavy rain causing flooding Storms and flooding are a certainty here in Arlington. Call us today to dry your home.

Professional Flood Damage Remediation in Arlington 

With the St. John’s River close enough to see, Arlington residents have quick access to water recreation without having to get out onto the ocean. It can make for a great day to call in sick, grab a friend, and spend the morning water skiing. With the river that close, however, it is also another source of flooding into local homes.  

Arlington flood damage can run from a couple of inches covering the floor to several feet that recede quickly but leaves behind layers of soil and other contaminants. Both require cleaning and disposal of structural and personal property; however, SERVPRO response teams perform many of the same tasks. The time spent is determined by the level of damage, not necessarily the level of water.  

To begin with, restoration specialists remove any flood water still in the home. The action stops everything in the house from absorbing more water, slowing and preventing further damage. Removal also allows evaporation to begin by exposing the covered surfaces to the air.  

After completing removal, SERVPRO team members clear the home of debris. Paper quickly dissolves into a pulp and needs removing to prevent it from staining any wood floors. Stained carpets are not a concern since the contaminated floodwater already made them not restorable. Our action here helps not just clear the home, but also removes the source of odors that can spread throughout the entire house. 

With the debris removed, specialists dry the home and then clean it. Team members do this by increasing the air circulation and draw out to speed up evaporation without causing secondary damage to any furniture or other items. After that, they use a variety of anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents to clean surfaces and eliminate the health threat.  

At SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East, our goal is to dry and clean each home as quickly as possible.  Should you need our help here or in Fort Caroline, St. Nicholas, and Spring Glen call us today at (904) 721-2230 to schedule an inspection and start the restoration process in your home. 

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